Amelia Pruiett

I have drawn as long as I could hold a marker, and have formal art training via an Art & Design minor from Northern Michigan University. Despite several decades of drawing and creating, I have only recently focused my creative energies into a sustained project. I’ve always been inspired by nature and have found a delight in capturing the incredible intricacies and diversity of details. I love to nature journal and humanize the scientific. I grew up as the co-pilot of my father’s Cessna 172 and have dreamed of the freedom of flight ever since. All of this considered, my pursuit of winged things began.

I hope to create a portfolio that catalogs the many shapes, sizes and colors of our feathered friends and some fascinating facts about them along the way. As a hunter, I am blessed with the opportunity to study upland birds and waterfowl up close. The way their iridescent feathers gleam with the sun and the astonishing complexity of God’s glorious creations.

I am using a process known as digital drawing. An entire studio of colors and brushes to choose from right at my fingertips allows me to take my work anywhere. While I sometimes miss the tactile scratch of charcoal on paper and patiently mixing the correct shade of paint, the artistic process still applies to digital drawing and presents the opportunity to master new skills.

My work is currently available at Amelia’s Craft Market and Boutique in downtown Marquette, MI.

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