J Marc Himes

I was introduced to Woodturning by my Father and after he passed, I inherited his lath and many other tools which I still use today.  I was able to set up a shop in my home in 2005 and although I have taken several week long classes, am largely self taught.  My work has more of an artistic rather than functional style, focusing first on form and then adding color and texture, to make each piece unique.  I have shown my work in multiple local as well national shows and have won multiple awards, including the Visual Artist of the Year Award for 2021 from the city of Marquette and the Marquette Arts and Culture Center.  I am a member of the American Association of Woodturners and our local Chapter The Superiorland Woodturners which we formed in 2007. I have lived in the Marquette area since beginning my medical practice in 1979. My Mother was born in a small town about 40 miles from Marquette and the UP has always been a very special place for me.  Upon retiring, I joined the Zero Degrees Gallery, where I still show and sell my work.  I have found much enjoyment in getting to know the many artists in the vibrant Marquette artist community and their wonderful artwork.




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