Jacob Darner

Jacob Darner is a 25 year old, multi-disciplinary artist based out of Marquette, MI. In his spare time Jacob enjoys the outdoors, whether it’s hiking through the woods or paddleboarding around Lake Superior in the summer, watching soccer, and absorbing lots of TV and pop culture. In his nature work he tries to encapsulate the natural beauty in his surroundings how he sees them, whether that is grand scale through his landscapes, or more up close and personal shots of the things often overlooked from the average perspective. His portraiture is generally introspective, relying on turn of phrase or relatability, to showcase anxieties or insecurities in a way that is almost surreal and beautiful. His illustrations usually work the same way, oftentimes using the same turn of phrase to convey meaning literally through the piece. For Jacob, everything is as you see it at surface value, meaning there is nothing he’s trying to hide. It is what it is, he knows you may fill in the blanks with your own thoughts and ideas – however he just hopes you see the same beauty or tragedy in the world and life. 

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