Peg Sandin

Painting has become almost as important to me as breathing. Watercolor is my favorite medium because of the spontaneity and immediacy that it requires. Living on Lake Superior and observing the play of light off the lake inspire my work. The change of seasons is one of the reasons I live in this area.  It provides me with all new color palettes and textures to explore. Winter on Lake Superior is the most dramatic, especially when the lake is almost completely frozen. The light is new and pastel, the lake crunches, and snow blankets the earth and softens the harsh cold. When the little buds of new plants push through the ground, spring is on its way. The wonderful new colors of the buds, the new growth in the woods and the melting of the ice make the blue lake look very welcome. Summer is rich in color and warmth. The lake becomes alive with visitors who play along the shores and fly over the waters. Fall greets me with a burst of color that is difficult to mimic. The spectacular show of color lasts only a few weeks, but remains a favorite time of year for me.

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