Tammy L Toj Gajewski

At a very early age Tammy’s mother encouraged her creativity and supported her exploration of poetry, drawing, painting and animals. She attended university and learned the base of oil painting, ceramics, fiber arts, French translation and welding. She had one job after graduation related to fine arts and was fired after helping the owner buy a Matisse painting from the family; because her French translation skills were no longer needed. After 42 years in the blue collar work force which included 23 years with the Department of Corrections she retired to do art full time. Her therapist stated that the mere act of creativity will help moderate her PTSD, keep her depression at bay, and help heal the tremendous loss of family. Today Tammy has made her own family, loves her two career changed Leader Dogs for the Blind, practices meditation in the Thick Nhat Han tradition, and has her own studio to paint and create in on Lake Superior. Her wife of twenty years tells her often to go to the studio and Tammy returns refreshed and vibrant. She has shown her work at several shows in the Upper Peninsula over the last twenty five years and hopes to have her first gallery exhibit in 2023.  Her pen name is Toj- Teacher of Joy- given to her by her art mentor John Fritz in high school and later by her college mentor Keiko Hara. Besides it is much easier to sign than Tammy Lynn Webeck Pasko Gajewski.


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  • My World - Oil on canvas, 28 x 42.

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