Accelerate UP

Accelerate UP

Accelerate UP is a nonprofit organization which offers free and confidential business coaching within Marquette County. We are a group of over seventy volunteers from all over the county who care passionately about the success and sustainability of our region. We formed in order to assist entrepreneurs in creating, expanding, and maintaining their business ventures. We do this for the same reason that early pioneers helped their neighbors by barn raising – we know it will strengthen and sustain our communities.

Each member of the Accelerate UP Resource Team understands his or her role and duties because each has received board training, prior to joining the Team. A select number of the initial board also received more intensive training to further assist in project implementation. This training included how to effectively work with entrepreneurs, how to create an entrepreneurial environment, how to leverage various resources for entrepreneurs, and how to properly support the Enterprise Facilitator. As time goes on, the board continues to recruit and train new members.

The Accelerate UP Resource Team usually meets monthly. During the meetings, the Facilitator brings to the table specific hurdles that the clients are facing. The Resource Team meetings are spent brainstorming resources and possibilities so that clients will be able to successfully resolve an issue that been a roadblock in their plan. The Team also monitors the progress of the project through monthly reports f

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