Upper Peninsula Film Union Inc

Upper Peninsula Film Union Inc

The U.P. Film Union is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that was created out
of a love of motion pictures with the primary goal of saving the last remaining
drive-in theater in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, The Highway 2
Community Drive-In Theater.

The U.P. Film Union got its start in the spring of 2016 when Don Erickson
had the idea of trying to organize an outdoor community movie event.
Coincidentally he mentioned the idea to an acquaintance, who happened to
own the old drive-in property outside of Manistique and suggested using the
screen there for the community movie event. The following spring Don met
Eric Sherbinow at a community meeting and mentioned that he was working
on a project at the old drive in. Eric long had an interest in drive-in theaters
and had sought to purchase one years earlier, and the idea of being involved
in a drive-in event was too much to resist so he asked Don if he could help.
That is when the Upper Peninsula Film Union unofficially came into being.
When the Film Union sought to incorporate, they needed a third person for
the board and respected businessman Kevin Knaffla was a natural choice.
He had great interest in film and knowledge of the Film Union’s events. Kevin
brought a wealth of business experience to the Film Union.

The U.P. Film Union typically hosts at least four movie events per season.
These events draw people from across the Upper Peninsula and beyond.
We have drawn attention from individuals as far away as Dallas, Texas.

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